Ep. 71: Mighty Ducks newbie Charlie Scudder returns to break down D2

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin welcome back Mighty Ducks newbie Charlie Scudder, who is fresh off watching D2 for the first time since he was a kid. Scudder gives his top moments, rates the film and explains some confusion regarding Gunnar Stahl.

Show Notes

Thanks to Josh Luecht for the theme song.

You can listen to Charlie Scudder losing his Flying V card in Episode 51.  Check him out on Twitter: @cscudder

You can check out Justin Umberson’s redesigned USA TODAY front page featuring Russ Tyler here.

Charlie’s favorite newcomer: Dwayne Robertson.


Yee haw.

Kevin explained why Dwayne is the worst Mighty Ducks player in Episode 6. 

Is Portman on steroids?


Hans vs. Jan


One of Scudder’s top moments:


We talked about the feasibility of baboon ligaments in Episode 66. 

Horribly dangerous:


Charlie listened to our Episode with D3 writer Jim Burnstein.

The most epic scene in movie history:

The 30 for 30 Charlie talked about

The Little 500 for the uninitiated.

Thanks to @jarrodbeasley for the #QuackQuestion.

Shoutout to socalstreethockey.com. The Sin City Shootout, the tournament celebrating 10 years of SoCal street hockey, actually happened last February. The 2016 version, which will celebrate 11 years I guess, takes place from Feb. 12 to 21. 

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