Ep. 76: Which Mighty Ducks player would you elect president?

March 9, 2016 10:23 pm Published by 2 Comments

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In honor of election season, Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss each Mighty Duck’s presidential candidacy. They break the Ducks down by party and then discuss which Ducks make deep runs in the primaries and who wins each party’s nomination. But YOU have to vote for who wins the general election.

Show notes

The party affiliations:

Republicans (slogan):

Adam Banks (“Adam take it to the Banks’)

Charlie Conway (“It’s either Conway or highway”)

Tommy Duncan (“Tommy “going to drop out soon” Duncan”)

Julie “The Cat” Gaffney (“The Cat”)

Greg Goldberg (“Goldberg the Goalie: Stopping incoming attacks”)

Dave Karp (“Dave Karp is very sharp”)

Peter Mark (“On the Mark for America”)

Dean Portman (“You can lean on Dean”)

Dwayne Robertson

Ken Wu (‘Wu America”)


Democrats (plus slogan):

Tammy Duncan (“Tammy ‘Slam’ Duncan”)

Guy Germaine

Jesse Hall (“Hall for one”)

Terry Hall (“Terry Hall on the ball”)

Luis Mendoza

Connie Moreau

Fulton Reed (“Fulton Reed? Indeed!”)

Russ Tyler (“Don’t tussel with ¬†Russell”


Green party:

Les Averman (Les is more)


Minnesota hasn’t voted the Republican nominee for president since 1972.¬†

Maine is actually more Democratic than Republican. No Republican presidential nominee has carried the state since 1988, although George W. Bush hotly contested the state in 2000 and 2004.

The Oreo Line:



And just because:

Rubio is from Miami, but Miami-Dade County is traditionally Democratic.

Howard Dean:

The guy with the 9-9-9 plan was Herman Cain.

Let your voice be heard. The presidential tickets, plus an opportunity for a write-in:

Who should be the Mighty Ducks presidential ticket

Republican: Ken Wu (President)/Julie Gaffney (Vice President)
Democrat: Fulton Reed (President)/Luis Mendoza (Vice President)
Please Specify:

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  • Denys Hernandez says:

    So I heard this podcast and thought of my answer…and it all comes down to either Ken Wu or Julie Gaffney…both seem the most smartest ones on the team. I’m not saying the other Ducks are dumb or anything but I think either one would do great in an election…even a school one. And most qualified.

  • Chris Devine says:

    Karp is 100% Democrat Social Justice Warrior all day.

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