Ep. 100: Our best attempt at a (realistic) version of D4: The Mighty Ducks

October 5, 2016 10:09 pm Published by 3 Comments

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In their 100th episode extravaganza, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin announce their latest giveaway and get to the main event: their plot of D4. Learn what happens as Charlie rounds up the group for one last shot at glory at the pond hockey national championships.

Show Notes

The beginning of the movie:

Alarm clock

The scene from D1 of Gordon Bombay walking up to Hans’ Sport Shop:


Here’s the scene from MacGruber that Kevin talked about:

The guy from Space Jam is Wayne Knight. 


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Pod intro and outro by Josh Luecht

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  • Kristian Garcia says:

    If McGill is going to be Charlie’s boss, there must be a small piece of dialogue where Charlie annoyingly says “What do you want me to do?” McGill replies “Your job!”

  • JACK WHITE says:

    MIKE…CONGRATS on your 100th podcast…Things have been ROUGH here in florida.Thanks for the info aout TSN and you can pass on my phone number to the contact .Please let me know his name and in one of your podcasts you mentioned the tribute to hans, that was a result of during training the actors were required to touch their gloves to the ice while skating the circles ,as you can see they were not quite proficient when we shot the scene…Lots of stories like that..If you are interested check out HANS MATZEL/KINGS on google for the story about the real Hans.I worked summer camps for him and his partner and some La KINGS and when he hired me he wanted to know if my sudents were learning anything because they were constantly moving.Interesting guy and very old school.

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