Ep. 104: When did the new Mighty Ducks and old Mighty Ducks come together?

November 9, 2016 8:04 pm Published by 1 Comment

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down Kevin’s turkey leg challenge, and look at the point at which the new Mighty Ducks and old Mighty Ducks unite together. Did Gordon Bombay play a rope-a-dope in the first Iceland game to get his team motivated for a comeback?

Show Notes

Shoutout to Scott Kilmer, who is teaching Kevin how to replace a radiator via YouTube

A scene from True Life: I’m a competitive eater

Was tying the team up effective?

Rope tie up

Let’s do some random jumps guys!

random jumps

Kevin talked about Miracle. Watch it if you haven’t seen it.

We came up with our coach rankings in Episodes 37 and 38.

Russ’ first outing is against Russia, he gets the knuckle puck off and scores. He says, “Ah man, I messed up” early on in the Iceland game.

Thanks to @joyceeng61 for the #QuackQuestion.

We talked with Matt Doherty, who played Averman, in Episode 54.

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Pod intro and outro by Josh Luecht

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