Ep. 107: It’s Mighty Ducks theory time! Is Tommy Duncan in witness protection? Is Michele MacKay a time traveler?

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Tommy has two theories he runs by Mike and Kevin. The first involves Tommy and Tammy’s absence from D2 as well as what happened after. (Hint: Hans is involved.) The deals with Ms. MacKay and whether she must time travel to protect the Mighty Ducks.

Show Notes

Episode 104 was the first that featured Kevin without his car. That came debuted on Nov. 9. We’re well over a month now.

This is a Honda Ruckus:

Our famous Hans theory comes in Episode 11. 

Everything you want to know about Pete and Pete in this amazing 1990s-style website. Don’t forget to check out the Pete and Pete community on LiveJournal. (It hasn’t been updated in five years.)

This is Pete a.k.a. Tommy Duncan’s tattoo petunia:

Shoutout to Stranger Things.

Mom isn’t going to like this at all:

This theory is basically the same plot as the Gone in Sixty Seconds documentary. 

The Mighty Ducks premiered on October 2, 1992. The Adventures of Pete and Pete had shorts on Nickelodeon beginning in 1989, but the full series didn’t start until 1993. It is possible that the documentaries were shot at different times but Pete and Pete just made it to air much quicker than a full-length theatrical documentary like The Mighty Ducks.

The principal from D1/teacher from D3 and Ms. McKay in D2:

A quick summary of Terminator for those who’ve forgotten. 

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure also has an amazing website. A summary as well.

It was indeed Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines that had the new machine go back in time to kill the other members of the resistance.

Thanks to @Conway96Ducks for the #QuackQuestion. We believe Mike announced Marcia wrong on the pod. Sorry!

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