Ep. 109: The 2016 #QuackQuestion of the year nominees

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As 2016 comes to an end, it’s time to reveal the 2016 #QuackQuestion of the year nominees. Go to thequackattack.com and view this episode page (Ep. 109) to vote for you favorite #QuackQuestion of the year. Congrats to all who were nominated.

Show Notes

@cjgjmg: What Ducks’ mother was busy with the mailman and what was he delievering? (Episode 80)

@jarrodbeasley: At what point did the locker room dynamic become awkward for the girls and guys? Who was the biggest perv? (Episode 82)

@Barbelle_Winnie: Were Bombay and Casey ever in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? (Episode 88)

@ak2tothemax (to Melissa Keller): Which was achievement was bigger, being in D3 or being in SI and why was it D3? (Episode 97)

@AirLemaire: What was Portman doing with his life that he can stop what was doing and sign the scholarship for an exhibition game? (Episode 106)


Who had the 2016 #QuackQuestion of the year?


Honorable mention #QuackQuestions:

@atgioffre: If you guys created Mighty Ducks the video game, which Duck would be on the cover? (Episode 85)

@leia_nog: Was Portman on steroids during D2 and D3? (Episode 95)

@scottwildcat: Who was your personal favorite Bombay love interest and who do you think he was most compatible with? (Episode 103)


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