Ep. 110: Mighty Ducks minute (sort of) No. 137, the Ducks hit Rodeo Drive

January 4, 2017 10:19 pm Published by 6 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin return from the holidays with a few stories, an update on the Turkey Leg Challenge and a bit of controversy regarding the Mighty Ducks minute. They then tackle minute No. 137, when Averman, Dwayne, Goldberg and Jesse hit Rodeo Drive.

Show notes

I used to pull the movies from this site. It’s not bad as long as you have an ad blocker on.

This is the movie Tommy’s mother bought for his sister:

The 2011 version of Inside Out has a 25 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Ducks cutting diagonally across the street, and the guy walking his dog walking diagonally the other way:

Another look at what the Ducks are wearing:

Saks Fifth Avenue is the name of the store. It’s also on 5th Avenue. 

Les Habitudes’s yelp reviews.

One of the first reviews on the site reads, in part: “The Asian lady that works here hates her life and takes it out on the clients. Came in to try on wedding dresses and she was impatient and irritated from the get-go, not to mention her vibe was just plain nasty…”

Trinidad and Tobago’s tie dye:

The Blake Bears unis:

The Iceland unis: 

The Huskies uniforms:


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  • Cara says:

    Random insight into the “this wouldn’t happen in Texas” issue–I know in Houston, we DO have stores that are locked like that! However, I can’t think of any normal stores that do that. The only ones I can think of where a person has to be buzzed in are a couple of super high end antique stores, and a place that sells rare guns. I can’t think of any clothing stores off the top of my head, including the fancy ones, that have buzzer systems like that. So I guess in short, Dwayne is right.

  • billytheskink says:

    Also from Houston here, and I remember talking car alarms being a bit of a trend for folks who owned expensive cars back in the mid-90s. I haven’t encountered one in years, but I definitely did back then from time to time. I recall one time where I bumped into a Corvette in a parking lot and the talking alarm said “get back or I’ll shoot!”

    So that is something that would happen in Texas. Dwayne is supposed to be from Austin, right? No small town even in the mid-90s, so I’m not sure why his experience would be drastically different from a Houstonian’s at that time.

    Long time listener, first time commenter. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Cara says:

    New earth shattering theory here: Dwayne is not actually from Austin at all. He’s from some no-name town that’s probably a half hour-plus from the exurbs of Austin. If he were talking to other people who had any kind of familiarity with Texas, he would not even say he’s from Austin. However, for the sake of simplicity and to avoid having to explain 9,000 times where Cowville, TX is, he’s just going with the answer that he’s from there.
    I feel like that’s our best explanation for his lack of familiarity with talking car alarms and fancy locked stores. If he lived in the city itself, or even one of the major suburbs, he’d probably have some experience with those things. However, I can see that if he lived an hour from the city, his experiences of the place would mostly consist of hockey tournaments, family trips to the mall, and the occasional dinner at Olive Garden. In that case, it’s entirely possible that he would have never experienced a talking car alarm, much less a furniture store that you have to be buzzed into.
    Also, I am clearly overthinking things to an absurd degree here. Oh well, that’s what happens when work is this boring.

    • Mike says:

      Haha. Don’t get down on yourself Cara. There is no overthinking when it come to the Mighty Ducks. Everything means something else. That’s why it’s the greatest movie of our time.

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