Ep. 111: The #QuackQuestion of the year is announced, and the winner gives an insight into his deep Mighty Ducks fandom

January 11, 2017 9:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin welcome in #QuackQuestion of the year winner Jarrod Beasley. Jarrod talks about how he fell in love with the Mighty Ducks not one but twice, gives his thoughts on his own #QuackQuestion and then joins to answer a new one.

Show Notes

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Follow Jarrod Beasley on Twitter: @jarrodbeasley, a true Quackolyte:

The king (Bob) of the #QuackQuestion:

Jarrod Beasley recommends these Claussen pickles. 

The locker room situation in D3:

To be fair, Scooter kissed Julie first. Julie definitely liked it though:

Portman and Julie in the locker room of D2:


]The episode that started it all: Did Gordon Bombay learn anything?

Thanks to @leia_nog for the #QuackQuestion.

We went in depth on the varsity dinner in Episode 40. 


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