Ep. 112: The Turkey Leg Challenge pre-game show, plus a grab bag involving the Oreo Line and Gordon Bombay’s walking habits

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Mike and Tommy convene for a not-so-secret meeting while Kevin is at a conference. The two talk about Kevin’s chances in his upcoming turkey leg challenge and then do a grab bag with topics on the oreo line and Gordon Bombay’s trek to Hans’ shop.

Show Notes

Kevin’s turkey leg challenge originated in Episode 103.

Sydney, Australia is 17 hours ahead of United States Central Time, so 2 p.m. CST is 7 a.m. Sydney time.

What is this, the oreo line?

TSN interviewed long-time NHL Kerry Fraser about the game. An excerpt from Fraser:

“Prior to the opening puck drop I would have firmly addressed the highly inappropriate, racially charged “Oreo Cookie line” comment by assuming the role of a “Political Correctness Police Officer.” I would have immediately insisted upon a sincere apology be delivered by the Hawks player with the threat of ejection from the game under rule 23.7 (ii) racial taunts and slurs. If I was satisfied with a sincerity of the apology I would have escorted the Hawks player to his bench and placed the Coach on notice that any further such episodes from any of his players would result in a game misconduct.”

Thanks to @Moloch2689 for the #QuackQuestion.

Our Hans theory originated in Episode 11.

Bombay walking to the Hans’ Shop:

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