Ep. 115: How much did Cool Runnings affect Trinidad and Tobago at the Junior Goodwill Games?

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With Tommy out, Mike and Kevin steal his idea and talk about the effects the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team on Trinidad and Tobago’s run to the Junior Goodwill Games. They also discuss whatever happened to Terri the cocktail waitress.

Show Notes

Jamaica we have a bobsled team:

Shoutout to this bus driver:

Cool Runnings for the unfamiliar. 

Trinidad and Tobago:

Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago is a two hour, 55 minute flight. Dallas to Detroit is a two hour, 30 minute flight. Dallas to Philadelphia is a three hour flight.

The U.S.A. beat Trinidad and Tobago by a score of 9-2:

Shoutout to Hasely Crawford for bringing home the gold medal for Trinidad and Tobago in 1976.

Sam Gellard, hockey star, born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

We talked about the Iceland team inspiring another generation down the line in Episode 88.

Thanks to Altin for the #QuackQuestion:

“Whatever happened to Terri the cocktail waitress in D2? Did she ever become “head of production for a major studio”? How low did she go in order to make it in Hollywood? And, what are the chances that she went home with the Minnesota Miracle Man that night?”

Judging from Gordon’s face here, he’s definitely in:


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