Ep. 116: Who’s most at fault for Gordon Bombay’s failed penalty shot?

March 8, 2017 10:56 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin take a deep dive into the moment that starts the documentaries: Gordon Bombay’s failed penalty shot. The trio discusses Jack Reilly’s coaching, the goalie’s way too enthusiastic celebration and what happens to the Hawks afterwards.

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Show Notes

Here’s a link to our Cool Runnings/Trinidad and Tobago episode.

A nice little feature on Craig MacTavish, the last NHL player to not wear a helmet. It also brings up that the NHL instituted the helmet rule in 1979.

Bombay’s look right before he took the penalty shot:

Bombay’s move:

Bombay does tell Charlie that he does do a triple deke.

The Duluth’s goalie size vs. little Gordon Bombay:

First kid vs. Gordon Bombay:

Why is the goalie so far to the left in the net?

Here is this crazy story about people who think Shazam was a real movie featuring Sinbad as a genie. 

The goalie pumping his arms after not doing anything:

Thanks to @cinatyte for the #QuackQuestion.

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