Ep. 12: The rise of Adam Banks

October 8, 2014 4:01 am Published by 6 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin track Adam Banks’ growth from evil kid on the Hawks to hero on the Ducks to varsity prankster to willing JV participant. It’s been quite a character arc. They also talk about Banks’ suspected drug use and Mike tells the story about how a lady at Target thought he was high.

Show Notes:

Adam Banks looking sinister in the first game between the Ducks and the Hawks:



Phil Banks sitting in the Hawks section in the championship game:



Banks pointing at the goal in the middle of a blowout game:


Banks’ miracle recovery:

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  • Clark says:

    I think that the Hawks are the best players they never play like heroes because I was a real Hawks player once

  • Rue says:

    But the thing is, is that Banks was an extremely timid kid (at least when he was “traded” to the Ducks). You guys depict him as an very egotistical dude, but I don’t think there’s a lot of very prominent moments where he IS conceited, considering he is arguably the best player (of the kids) in the franchise, excluding Varsity. Banks was pretty quiet in the movies, because he kept getting put in the same situation- being the outsider. In the first movie, he switched teams, and was immediately excluded. Nothing really happened in D2, but in D3, he had to leave the JV team for Varsity (the dicks), and then his team (which he’s been with for like 2-3 years or something), turned on him. The kid kept getting put in shitty situations, keeping in mind that he got fucked over with the injuries (like god damn, these other teams need to chill). I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say “I’m great, let me do [so and so]!”. And I doubt that he helped out with the pranks, there’s no way that quiet, timid, calm Adam Banks would let his team down, because he’s loyal. Think about it- he left the Hawks, just so he could play hockey, rather than hurt them. HE took the sacrifice so that the Hawks had the potential to win it all, and when he played for the Ducks, he played for the Ducks! His loyalty never wavered, especially not in the championship game. Adam Banks was awesome, and he’s obviously an amazing player, but he was never egotistical (though I’m liking the drugs subplot!)

    • Rhea says:

      I haven’t actually listened to this podcast (will have to bookmark it for now, but will definitely do soon – I’m intrigued by this drug subplot thing =P ).
      In any case, just wanted to say I agree with pretty much everything you said, Rue. =) Hear, hear!

  • Rhea says:

    Updated comment (after actually listening to the podcast):
    – I think that was a pretty fair assessment of Adam Banks. =)
    – I agree with the rosier view of Phil Banks.
    – As for the drug thing… funny but nah. =P

  • Rhea says:

    Hey, hey! I am back for a third comment on this episode, believe it or not. (Sorry if I talk too much or am being too annoying. It’s just the way I am sometimes…) As I mentioned, I rewatched D3 to comment on your ep 3, so I thought of a few more things to say here.

    But first of all, to be very clear, I still agree with what Rue said, but her comment made me think that you were all painting Banks as very egotistical, which turned out not to be the case when I finally listened to the podcast. Even Kevin, who chooses to see Banks as unchanged from his bully days when he was a Hawk some episodes ago, was pretty easy on him in this one.

    Ok. Before I go to the thing I want to add… Mike, maybe in addition to your baggy eyes, your voice or the way to talk also adds to making people think you are high all the time. =P You have quite a… slurred speech so… =)

    Ok. Back to Banks.
    I just wanted to figure out exactly when Banks found out about the dinner thing because I really believe he was telling the truth when he told Charlie he didn’t know until it was too late.
    I don’t think he was told before dinner. I don’t even think he was told during dinner. There was only one shot (I think) where I could identify him at the table during dinner, and he seemed to be eating normally and not being uncomfortable or anything, the way he was when Riley referred to him during the toast.
    And I doubt that there was a time when multiple people would get up from the table during dinner and leave the room to talk. Wouldn’t that just be rude? So I think what Guy describes as overhearing something in the bathroom about a cake, happened before they all settled down to dinner.
    So when was Banks told? I think just right before the toast.
    He was seated between Cole and that other varsity guy, and they were probably tasked to tell Adam what’s going to happen when it’s time. It will be very easy for either of them to whisper to him without anybody else hearing. Something like: “hey Banksie, Riley will be making one final toast in a minute, and right after that, us varsity will all get up, leave the room, and go home. We’ll let these pukes take care of the bill.”
    And sure enough, within a minute, Riley stands up, calls everyone’s attention, and makes a toast. I can imagine that while his seatmates were patting his back as Riley mentioned him, Banks was feeling really sick to his stomach knowing that he told his friends ‘it’s cool’.
    He didn’t want to leave, but unless he resigns himself to the possibility he’ll be beaten to death by varsity, he can’t really do anything but follow.
    So there.

    One last thing I want to say about Banks is that he’s very professional (I think that’s the right word) even from a very young age. In the sense that: whenever he plays, he plays for the team he’s with, even though he’s got friends on the other side. He’s never confused or conflicted about that at all.
    So when he played against the Hawks as a Duck, Jesse didn’t need to remind him what team he’s on. That was totally unnecessary. He was a Duck the moment he accepted that district lines issue and joined the Ducks in their locker room that first game.
    And when he played against the Ducks as varsity, he played for varsity, even though all his friends are on the other side. Charlie was probably secretly hoping Banks would go easy on them, especially if he really didn’t have anything to do with that dinner thing and want to make up. But this is a game, and that’s not how Banks works. So Charlie was extra pissed off when Banks wouldn’t let up.

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