Ep. 120: What happened to the Mighty Ducks after they left hockey behind?

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Thanks to a #QuackQuestion, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin take a look into the future (or present at this point?) and determine what happened after hockey ended for the Mighty Ducks. Some die, some bebcome doctors and one goes undercover as a jockey.

Show Notes

Thanks to @leia_nog for the #QuackQuestion that created the whole episode.

Episode 100. It’s a good one.

Banks’ good hair.

Ducks Fly Together in Italian Leather. All credit to Jack DeYoung:

Jim Halpert or Charlie Conway?

Gridiron Gang: 42 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Dean Portman’s future:

The full list:

Averman — Acountant for a Minnesota tech startup that was financed in part by Hans.

Banks — Has an unremarkable NHL career outside of one playoff run. After time as an unsuccessful broadcasting career, he join an NHL front office.

Connie Moreau — Her career ends prematurely as she starts a family and becomes an architect

Conway — Bascially becomes Jim from ‘The Office.’

Dwayne — Traveling rodeo on ice/trick-shot hockey team then promoter

Fulton — Counselor

Goldberg — Become’s the face of Goldberg’s Deli

Guy — Is the business mind behind Goldberg’s Deli

Jesse — Gets caught up in Hans’ drug game, serves time in prison and ends up as a manager at Goldberg’s Deli.

Julie “The Cat” — Goes into politics after becoming the greatest female winter sport athlete all time.

Karp — Unsuccessful door-to-door pyramid scheme salesman

Luis Mendoza — After a short-track speed skating career, he becomes the owner of the ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ strip club

Peter Mark — Dies early

Portman —  Divorced, working in the meat packers union

Russ Tyler — takes over a sporting goods store

Tommy Duncan — Salesman at RadioShack or a similar place

Tammy Duncan — Dies young

Terry Hall — Becomes a doctor eventually.

Ken Wu — FBI investigator who goes undercover as a jockey

Thanks to @BellTrevor for the #QuackQuestion.

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