Ep. 121: Broadcaster Tom Martin stops by for hot takes on Dwayne Robertson, Averman and Banks’ broadcasting career

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Buffalo broadcaster Tom Martin stops by and talks with Mike, Tommy, and Kevin about which Mighty Duck could be the best broadcaster, whether Dwayne is the worst player in Mighty Ducks history and whether Averman deserves a spot on the team.

Show Notes

Thanks to Tom from coming on. Follow him on Twitter: @4TomMartin. Listen to his podcast: @AudcastPodcast.

We talked about Banks’ broadcasting career in Episode 120. For reference, Banks’ hair:

Barstool Sports, for those who somehow aren’t aware.

Newsies has a very split score on Rotten Tomatoes: 39 percent from the critics, 88 percent from the audience.

We talked about Don Tibbles playing Wolf and Gordon against each other in Ep. 117. 

Paul Kariya’s cameo. Shoutout to Josh the announcer:

We talked about the women in Bombay’s life in Episode 9. 

The Leonardo DiCaprio movie was indeed called Romeo + Juliet. It’s at 72 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Maria’s eyes right before Bombay and Stansson face off in three bar:

Dwayne Robertson = the only Ducks player to miss during the shootout.

We discussed the Mighty Ducks’ worst player in Episode 6. 

So apparently Teemu Selanne said he felt Paul Kariya was bitter about the way his career ended (essentially because he had too many concussions playing hockey). Kariya, for his part said he just liked playing and didn’t want to be involved with anything else. 

Thanks to @leia_nog for the #QuackQuestion.

The source of Russ Tyler and Jesse Hall’s friction:

Matt Doherty came on in Episode 54. 

Lester Averman: One goal in seven games in D2. 

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