Ep. 123: Mighty Ducks Minute No. 76, a trip to the Stars/Whalers game

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down another Mighty Ducks minute. This time, they break down the Mighty Ducks’ outing to the Minnesota North Stars vs. Hartford Whalers game. Averman-Goldberg, Connie-Guy, and Jesse-Banks are all discussed.

Show notes

Eddie comes in strong with a 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Bogus is the movie Tommy was thinking of that starred Whoopi Goldberg and Haley Joel Osment.

Averman nabbing Goldberg’s pretzel:

Guy and Connie’s outfits:

We talked with D3 costume designer Kim Tillman in Episode 59. 

Jesse’s look after the Hawks point the finger gun at Banks:

What is Goldberg doing in the top left?

Bombay late on the celebration:

Charlie’s cooking:

The game the Mighty Ducks attended appears to have occurred on February 29, 1992. It’s the only game from 1988 to 1992 that had the Stars and Whalers tied at three at on point during the game. The Whalers won the game, 5-4, in overtime.

Thanks to @Totally_Offside for the #QuackQuestion:

We talked about Tammy’s untimely death in Episode 107. 

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  • George M. says:

    The Stars were using “Rock N Roll Part II” by Gary Glitter as their goal / victory song ever since their trip to the Finals against Pittsburgh a few years earlier. So Charlie and Bombay were reacting to the “HEY!” parts of that song.

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