Ep. 124: What happens if Gordon Bombay doesn’t get the DUI?

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin examine the parallel in which Gordon Bombay is never stopped and arrested for a DUI. Whose lives are better? Whose are worse? Does Bombay still end up bumping into the Mighty Ducks in some other fashion?

Show Notes

Thanks to @Totally_Offside for the #QuackQuestion that inspired this episode.

(UPDATE: All 16 trivia spots are full.) The participants:

Will F.









Armin K.

Leia B.

Orlando B.





In Minnesota, a DWI is specifically for a person driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08. A DUI is simply driving a motor vehicle under the influence, with no specific BAC required.

All states’ legal limit is now .08. In 1992, Minnesota’s legal limit was .10.

History will be made:

Bombay feeling like he is above the law:

We talked about the Junior Goodwill Games competition level in Episode 41.

Todd Marinovich for those who don’t know.

Tom Martin talked about his hatred for Averman in Episode 121. Thanks to some stats by the great @jarrodbeasley, Averman went 0 for 4 in faceoffs throughout the films.

This is the third episode in which Torvald was referenced. We also talked about him in Episode 84 and Episode 91.

Alliterative is a word.

This is the documentary Tommy talked about. (Embedding has been disabled.)

Thanks to @Damansara_Keith:

Mike apologizes for calling Keith, “Ken” at one point.

After reviewing the tape, Russ was the only player in D2 not to attend the camp fire.

You can spend a day with Russ Tyler. Bid on it here. 

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