Ep. 127: Which Mighty Ducks deserve spinoffs? Also, the trivia challenge debut

June 28, 2017 10:19 pm Published by 1 Comment

Tommy returns to the podcast, joining Mike and Kevin to discuss spinoff vehicles for the Mighty Ducks. Gordon Bombay and Dennis Quaid team up on the Minnehaha Waves, the Bash Brothers head to Mexico, and Goldberg “meats” his first love. At the end, Ben (@jennyweistler) and Ed (@erscimia) take part in the first matchup of the Mighty Ducks trivia challenge.

Show Notes

The Anaheima Ducks and Los Angeles Kings played at Dodger Stadium in 2014. 

The 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing.

Laverne and Shirley was a spinoff of Happy Days, not Cheers. The most famous Cheers spinoff was Fraiser.

The Rembrandts came up with the Friends theme song. The Long Beach Dub Allstars came up with the Joey theme song.

Yes, Dennis Quaid is still alive.

Bombay’s life in the minors:

Imagine this, but in Mexico:

If you’re interested in the story behind SlamBall, listen to this episode of the StartUp podcast. 

Fever Pitch was the movie about the Red Sox starring Jimmy Fallon. The movie Tommy and Mike were talking about is Summer Catch. It has an eight percent on Rotten  Tomatoes. 

This is definitely going in the opening credits of When Goldie Meats Sally:

Special thanks to @erscimia and @jennyweistler  for being our trivia guinea pigs.


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  • Cara says:

    Personal votes for a spinoff (from a dedicated Podcast fan who gave up on figuring out how to use Twitter back in ’08):
    1. A comedic TV series about the Hall family, and whatever the heck they’re doing after D2! I’m not sure of where Jesse or Terry either one vanished to, but I feel like as long as you’ve got Jesse around, there are sure to be some laughs.
    2. Assuming we’re treating the Ducks as a documentary, is there such a thing as a spinoff documentary? Because if so, the Hawks need a gritty documentary to balance out the feel good Duck story. After all, we all know there’s got to be some dark stuff going on there. Investigate it!
    3. I completely agree that mini series about Bombay’s time in the minor’s would be pure television gold!

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