Ep. 129: Who were the Mighty Ducks’ alternate captains?

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With Tommy bailing after an iffy excuse, Mike and Kevin take a #QuackQuestion on the Mighty Ducks’ and Eden Hall’s alternate captains. Who earned the right to wear a letter next to Charlie? Then Nick and Zack square off in an epic trivia duel.

Show Notes:

Thanks to @jarrodbeasley for the #QuackQuestion:

The fully updated #QuackQuestion leaderboard.

Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr were captain and assistant captain for at least some portion of their time together:

In 2008-09 the Canucks appointed Roberto Luongo captain (not the Panthers), but apparently he didn’t wear a letter since he couldn’t be an official captain during games.

Alex Ovechkin was indeed the captain of the Capitals last year. 

Banks’ Hawks jersey doesn’t have any captains letters on it:

Kevin’s Sergei Federov Russian jersey:

Kevin has made the case for Dwayne being the worst player multiple time. The most recent with was with fellow Dwayne hater Tom Martin in Episode 121. 

So here’s how the locker room scene after the Blake Bears game goes down: Charlie goes in and says he got hooked. Wu tells him we didn’t need any more goals. Luis makes a snidy comment. Guy comes through with the most leadership, saying, “We let down, it’s as simple as that.” Then Connie barges in with, “Hey, you let down. I played hard.”

Russ isn’t in the mix at all.

Thanks to @forza1899Milan and @ztwin78 for the epic trivia battle.

Coach Orion’s confidence speech:

The family eating chicken wings at a picnic:

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