Ep. 13: Grab bag! Shootouts, Team USA’s scouting, and announcer Josh

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It’s a special grab bag episode! Instead of one topic Mike, Tommy and Kevin did three quick hitters. First they discussed what the order should’ve been for the Ducks in the D2 shootout. Second was whether Don Tibbles made the right choices in constructing Team USA. Third was a debate about announcer Josh in D3 and his aptitude.

Show Notes:

Here’s the Mighty Ducks 2 shootout (kind of):

Don Tibbles’ assembly of newbies that was more for the marketing than for the winning the Junior Goodwill games:

Josh and Paul Kariya in D3:


Josh actually mentions that Kariya is visiting friends in the Twin Cities area, so that’s why he’s in town. Contrary to what Mike thought, there is no mention that Kariya is an alumnus of Eden Hall.

Mike was also saying this was ’94. D3 was actually 96. He knows this, he was just thinking about Don Tibbles’ roster construction.

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  • Rhea says:

    1. Jesse – same as your reasoning
    2. Guy – same as your reasoning
    3. Dwayne – his rep, didn’t expect he’d miss
    4. Connie – think she’ll do well
    5. Banks – injury is main factor he is last

    Hendrix chose weird picks… Julie was the best, and maybe Portman because they needed an enforcer. But the rest…
    Then again, I guess they were banking on a miracle from the Minnesota miracle man to pull them through. =P
    Russ was chosen by Charlie, not Hendrix. But a weird pick as well because he has one specialty. His brother might have been a better choice, though I don’t know if he was too old for the team?

    Josh was a fan of D1&2, just like the rest of the school, whether or not his friends were all cut from the JV team. =P

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