Ep. 130: Who wins a three-sport tournament between the Mighty Ducks, the Big Green and the Little Giants?

July 19, 2017 11:14 pm Published by 2 Comments

Mike,Tommy and Kevin bring in the Little Giants and the Big Green to test the Mighty Ducks’ crossover sports skills. If all three teams were to play in a three-sport tournament (soccer, hockey, football) which is victorious? Then Brian and Leia play an impossible round of Mighty Ducks trivia.

Show Notes

Turkey leg challenge for those who weren’t there.

For those who don’t know: The Big Green (which holds a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and Little Giants.

We talked about the Sandlot vs. the Goonies vs. the Mighty Ducks in Episode 73.

The matchup: 

Juan Morales:

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie comes out in 2017.

Football mastermind Steve Guttenberg:

The final scores:


  1. Little Giants
  2. Big Green
  3. Mighty Ducks


  1. Mighty Ducks
  2. Little Giants
  3. Big Green


  1. Little Giants
  2. Big Green
  3. Mighty Ducks

Thanks to Brian (@Moloch2689) and Leia (@bashsister87) for putting up with an impossible trivia round.

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  • matt hoover says:

    I am really shocked that the final scores had the ducks in last in Football and Soccer, I tend to agree with Kevin, the Ducks would be way more competitive, specially in Football. Jeese? Gee? Terry? Banks? Fulton? Goldberg on the line? The size alone favors the Ducks. Great trivia at the end! thanks

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