Ep. 133: Mighty Ducks minute No. 253, the aftermath at Eden Hall after the Blake Bears tie

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin dive into another Mighty Ducks minute. This time they look the aftermath of the Eden Hall JV’s tie with the Blake Bears, with topics touching on Orion’s wardrobe, Josh Jackson’s puberty and the lack of leadership across the board.

Show Notes

Ted Orion’s jacket, and his overly-long exasperation.

Goldberg’s piss poor goaltending:

Julie The Cat’s finishes her song, “a year ago he couldn’t even skate.”

Here’s the scene from “42” Tommy was talking about (NSFW):

The kid actor is Henry Friedman. That was his first credit. He also played Kyle in the 2014 movie “Grim Reapers” and was Noah Peters in an episode of the 2017 TV Series Documentary Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda.

“42” got a 79 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and an 85 percent from the audience.

Our MVPs of the Minute:

Kevin – Luis Mendoza

Tommy – Charlie Conway

Mike – Charlie Conway

Our friend @Dreisner12 was also from Long Island. That was from two weeks ago.

Thanks to @joyceeng61 and @AirLemaire for a thrilling all-Long Island round of trivia.

(If you’re interested Wikipedia, has more info on Hasenpfeffer.)

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