Ep. 135: Would Gordon Bombay have been better off as a prosecutor? Also, Mighty Ducks superlatives

September 6, 2017 9:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Mike, Tommy and Kevin get back to their roots and back to some Quack Questions. They discuss how Gordon Bombay would fare as a prosecutor instead of a defense attorney and what high school superlatives the Mighty Ducks would win. Plus, the trivia quarterfinals get underway.

Show Notes

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Thanks to @ForzaMilanx1899 for the #QuackQuestion:

Gordon Bombay lawyering:

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Thanks to @TheEliDozier and @TheGunkster for the second #QuackQuestion:

Best Couple: Luis Mendoza and a random girl

Best Wheels: Dwayne Robertson

Best Celebrity look-a-like: Luis Mendoza looking like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

Best Dancer: Ken Wu

Class clown: Les/Dave Averman

Best Friends: Fulton/Portman

Best hair: Charlie Conway

Best laugh: Russ Tyler

Best nickname: Adam Banks

Best personality: Dwayne Robertson

Best smile: Luis Mendoza

Biggest Drama King: Greg Goldberg

Biggest flirt: Luis Mendoza

Biggest gossip: Les/Dave Averman

Life of the party: Dean Portman

Biggest prankster: Charlie Conway

Biggest teacher’s pet: Connie Moreau

Most artistic: Guy Germaine

Most likely to be president: Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney or Adam Banks

Most athletic: Adam Banks

Most sportsmanlike: Fulton Reed

Thanks to @erscimia and Will for starting the quarterfinals off right.

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