Ep. 137: D3 director Rob Lieberman on making Mighty Ducks hockey scenes realistic, cutting windows into an ice rink

September 20, 2017 10:34 pm Published by 1 Comment

Rob Lieberman, director of D3, joins Mike, Tommy, and Kevin to talk about how he went from Buffalo to Los Angeles, making iconic commercials, inheriting D3, making hockey scenes look realistic, and why they had to cut windows into an ice rink.

Show Notes

Here is the Oreo cookie commercial that Rob made that became a smashing success:

And here is the China version:

No word on what those original two kids are doing now.

There are plenty of other versions on YouTube.

You can see the McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial at this link.

Here’s the “New Kid” commercial:

Here’s the trailer for Breakaway:


Brill had a co-writing credit on D3, but it was mostly written Jim Burnstein. We had Burnstein on Episode 52. 

Here is the scene Rob was talking about where Dwayne flips the puck on his stick and goes all the way down the ice to score.

Rob helped up come with Ted Orion taking his wheel-chair bound daughter on the ice:

Thanks to @bberg19 for the #QuackQuestion.

Steve Brill sued Disney in 1998 for 5 percent of their gross revenue made from “exploiting unique objects and things” relating to the Mighty Ducks. According to Variety, at one point Mighty Ducks merchandise accounted for 80 percent of the $1 billion in NHL merchandising revenues

If you want to know more about Rob, the Buffalo News had a great story on him.

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  • Jack White says:

    A lot of fun listening to Rob tell his story about directing D3. I should have picked up on the EH!!! story while filming. It was a pleasure working with him on the movie.

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