Ep. 139: Legendary Hollywood music man J.A.C. Redford talks composing the Mighty Ducks sequels, how Melissa Etheridge got cut out, arranging music for Adele

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Emmy and Oscar nominated composer/orchestrator J.A.C. Redford decided it to slum it with the no-award winning Mike, Tommy, and Kevin. Redford talks his illustrious career, composing D2 and D3, how Melissa Etheridge got cut out of D2, orchestrating and arranging an Adele song, and much more.

Show Notes

Thanks to J.A.C. for coming on. Check out his website at jacredford.com. He also has his own Wikipedia page. We didn’t really give him enough credit. You’ve definitely heard his work at some point in your life. His full IMDB is here. 

Some quick bios for some names JAC mentions that you may not know: James Horner was a composer, conductor and orchestrator probably most well known for his score of Titanic. He passed away in 2015. Tom Newman is a another composer, conductor and orchestrator. He has won six Grammys, including some for his work in WALL-E.

If you want more music talk, we spoke with D1 composer David Newman in Episode 61. 

The 7th Votage fo Sinbad came out in 1958: Not a great movie, but some great music.

JAC was nominateed for an Emmy in 1984 and an Emmy in 1985 for his work in St. Elsewhere.

As a reminder, the main Mighty Ducks theme, created by David Newman.

The Trinidad and Tobago scene with the steel drums:

Lee Sklar has contributed to over 2,000 albums as a session musician.

Here is the Avatar fight scene JAC tried 13 different ways that ended up different than any of the 13 ways he and his orchestra conducted it.

JAC mentioned The Trip to Bountiful as some of his best work. Also Mama Flora’s Family.

Randy Newman: singer, songwriter, composer.

JAC arranged and orchestrated Skyfall. It’s so dope:

Thanks to @bberg19 for the first #QuackQuestion.

Thanks to @AirLemaire for the second #QuackQuestion.

Hans’ funeral scene. Listen specifically for the music. It’s pretty powerful.

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  • Kenny says:

    Is it possible to get the background music (not popular lyric music) from D2? I’ve been searching forever and tracked down and got a copy of mighty ducks sound scores for the 1st and 3rd but unable for the second movie.

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