Ep. 14: The Bash Brothers — Examining the relationship between Dean Portman and Fulton Reed

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin breakdown the interesting relationship between the Bash Brothers: Dean Portman and Fulton Reed. Do their antics fire up the team or only lead to bad penalties? Are they good for each other or bad influences?


Show Notes:

Portman being introduced to Fulton Reed.

Fulton and Portman jammin out before going to bed.

Portman’s statistics from D2: 7 GP, 1 G, 0 A, 0 P, 14 PIM

Fulton’s statistics from D2: 7 GP, 1 G, 2 A, 3 P, 2 PIM

(Thanks again to Flargalarg for the stats)

Two minutes for … roping?

Portman is kicked out of the first Iceland game because of his hit against Stahl, not Sanderson as Tommy says. There is also no “intent to injure” line by the ref. That comes later and isn’t addressed at Portman.

Part of the second period of the second Iceland game, where the Bash Brothers go wild:

We talked about Fulton Reed in Episode 8. 

Portman returns!


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  • Leia says:

    My favourite episode so far. Love the relationship between the two. Do you think they remained friends after leaving school?

  • Leia says:

    Aww, that’s sad

  • Rhea says:

    I still think Fulton is more of a follower than a leader.

    Among the remaining Ducks as of D3 (read: because Jesse’s gone), he does seem to be one of the best, if not THE best, contender for number two. But I don’t think he’s really shown that he’s ready to step up yet. He still needs someone to follow, and that someone is mostly Charlie.

    In the absence of Charlie, I guess Fulton can follow Portman. He does seem to look up to him, or at least need him around to be Bash Brothers. And Portman is the more leader type of the two. By this, I mean Portman is the more vocal one who can pump up the rest of the team when needed. But then I feel, if and when that happens, everything will just be chaos. In other words, I also question Portman’s ability as captain (or alternate captain).

    You guys discussed possible reasons why Portman didn’t sign the contract in the first place. I was inclined to just believe that it was because Bombay bailed, but you convinced me that the two didn’t really have that close of a relationship for that to matter. I’m leaning more now towards just the fact that Portman doesn’t really care for going to school, even from D2.

    As for the reason why he was finally convinced to sign the contract, I guess any of the things you mentioned are possible. I just wonder which gave more weight to his decision – was he doing it more for himself (ex. to get away from some trouble he had at home) or more for the Ducks (because they needed him).

    Follow up question to that would be: do you guys think Portman will stay at Eden Hall until his senior year? Or will he drop out somewhere along he way and leave the Ducks?

    One final question I’d like to bring up is: what do you guys think should happen to the Ducks throughout the rest of their time in Eden Hall that would benefit them the most?

    I mean, for example (the following is what I had in mind, particularly regarding Fulton, Portman, and Charlie, but I would be interested in your answer regarding particularly these three, or the rest of the Ducks, individually or as a group):
    – I’m hoping Charlie will be moved up to varsity in sophomore year. He’ll lose his C because surely some senior or junior will be captain. But he could get it back eventually.
    – I’m hoping Portman will be moved up to varsity, too. Or he could drop out, whichever. =P Haha. Basically, I just want him to be separated from Fulton. Not that I don’t have love for Portman or the Bash Brothers, but I think this could be for the best. If he drops out, then he’s done. But if he stays, then we’ll still see the Bash Brothers again in the future.
    – As for Fulton, I’m hoping he’ll stay in JV for at least one more year, then move up to varsity in junior year. This way, he’ll have a chance, or actually he’ll be forced to step up because Charlie and Portman are gone. I mean, they’re still around to support him and all that, but not in JV.

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