Ep. 141: Adam Banks transitions from the Mighty Ducks to a Playmakers-esque spinoff

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin go back to giving different Mighty Ducks characters spinoffs. This time they focus on Adam Banks and pick up his story as he stuggles to stay in the professional ranks while being addicted to painkillers. Also an internet outage derails trivia but the trio discovers some new internet mysteries.

Show Notes

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Thanks to Andy for the email.

We talked to Steve Brill in Episode 63 and Episode 64.

We talked about previous spinoffs in episodes 127 and 134.

Mike accidentally said Jack O’Reilly instead of Jack Reilly.

We talked Pete and Pete as a Mighty Ducks spinoff in Episode 107.

We talked D4: The Mighty Ducks in Episode 100.

Banks’ last innocent moment?

All of Playmakers appears to be on YouTube. Here is the first episode:

Voodoo from Friday Night Lights was played by Aldis Hodge. He was not in Playmakers according to his IMDB.

The injury that started Adam Banks’ painkiller addiction:

We did indeed cast Dennis Quaid in Bombay’s minor league history.

Congratulations to actor for Ryan Hurst for being cast as the veteran with marital issues on Adam Banks’ former team:

Crank 3 does not exist, but Jason Statham really wants to make it.

Also congratulations to Kyle Chandler for being the trainer:

And finally congrats to J.K. Simmons for being the hard-ass coach:

Thanks to @avice01 for going after Spectrum. Sorry about your dog.

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