Ep. 143: Who is the MVP and LVP of the Mighty Ducks’ Thanksgiving?

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In this special Thanksgiving episode, Mike, Tommy (remotely), and Kevin discuss what a Mighty Ducks Thanksgiving table would look like. Charlie seems like he can cook. Is that true or a mirage based on limited sample size? Which Duck brings what dish? Happy Thanksgiving!

Show Notes

Addams Family Values: surprisingly good move. It has a 73 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Charlie’s cooking abilities:

Jan’s Hasenpfeffer and Eggs:

Here’s the fateful Hey Arnold pizza puff explosion.

The Turkey Leg Challenge lives on on our Facebook page:

Karp’s can of chili:

The full list:

Jan – Hasenpfeffer and Eggs

Hans – Condiments

Charlie Conway – Helps with turkey, screws it up

Adam Banks – Gourmet pumpkin pie

Dave/Lester Averman – popcorn balls/extra popcorn

Tammy and Tommy Duncan – Salad

Julie Gaffney – Lobster bisque

Guy Germaine – Poutine stuffing

Greg Goldberg – Half-eaten cheese plate and bread

Jesse and Terry Hall – Green bean casserole

Dave Karp (LVP – Least Valuable Preparer) – One can of chili

Peter Mark – Raccoon

Luis Mendoza – Fried plantains

Connie Moreau – Mashed potatoes

Dean Portman – Alcohol

Fulton Reed – Mac and cheese

Dwayne Robertson – Brisket

Russ Tyler (MVP) – Cranberry sauce and cornbread

Ken Wu – Steamed broccoli

Thanks to @bashsister87 for the #QuackQuestion.

Fulton and Portman’s shopping spree:

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