Ep. 146: The nominees for 2017 #QuackQuestion of the year

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We’ve reached the end of the year. That means it’s time to decide the #QuackQuestion of the year. Meet the five nominees and vote determine the 2017 winner. Also, thanks for another great year.

Show Notes

The #QuackQuestion of the year nominees:

Zach Grouwinkel: “Did Roger see an angel with Julie the Cat and is that the real reason Bombay put her in goal to stop Gunnar?” (Episode 113)

Altin: “Whatever happened to Terri the cocktail waitress in D2? Did she ever become head of production for a major studio?” (Episode 115)

Totally_Offside: “Would any of the Ducks’ lives have been better off if they had never met Bombay? If so, which ones?” (Episode 123)

AirLemaire (to JAC Redford): “Did you know you struck gold after coming up with the song for Hans’ funeral?” (Episode 139)

bashsister87: “Where did Portman and Fulton get the money to go on a shopping spree in D2? I thought they were both poor.” (Episode 143)


Who had the 2017 #QuackQuestion of the year?



Here is the updated list of all-time #QuackQuestions and the rankings:

Direct link to all the #QuackQuestions here.

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