Ep. 15: What effect do the fans have on the Mighty Ducks?

October 29, 2014 3:05 am Published by 1 Comment

Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down the evolution of the Ducks’ fan base, from the empty stands in D-5’s first game under Gordon Bombay to the Ducks swinging the entire crowd in the Varsity-JV showdown.

Show notes:


Episode 3 when we talk about Eden Hall’s fans

The game with the Cardinals. The stands are filled.


Watch Karp’s dad spill the popcorn:

Karp’s dad hugging Karp after the Ducks beat the Hawks in the state championship:



The backstory on Hans’ relationship with the Bombay and Conway families. It was Episode 11.

Episode 2 explains the “rife strife” between Gunnar Stahl and Wolf Stansson.

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  • Rhea says:

    For the Cardinals game, that’s their first game as Ducks, right? So maybe in addition to what you mentioned, people were also curious about this ‘new’ team called the Ducks. Also, as you pointed out more parents (and possibly relatives and friends) are showing their support now, when before it was just Mr. Hall and Casey Conway. And then the support grew even more when they started scoring and winning.

    As for the D3 crowd, I already talked too much about it in ep 3 comments. =P

    (I just reread the title of the podcast and now am wondering if I missed something…)

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