Ep. 150: Mighty Ducks minute No. 118, when Fulton Reed assaults three Hawks players

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin tackle another Mighty Ducks minute. This time they look at the Hawks’ attempt to foil the Ducks’ roundup, how Fulton Reed assaulted three Hawks players at the same the time, and whether there was some product promotion hidden in D2.

Show Notes

Mighty Ducks quote of the day: “They won’t know what hit them.”

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Thanks again to Lesley Goldberg (@Snoodit) for answering our question.

Kevin was wrong and right: It was NBC, not ABC, that originally had Friday Night Lights. But it was DirecTV that came and rescued the show due to a partnership deal with NBC.

Game of Thrones is indeed supposed to come out in 2019. 

The plot to Wild Hogs, if you’re unfamiliar.

Aaron Schwartz was on Episode 94.

Zeitgeist: “the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.” — so not really the correct usage, but whatever.

We did Minute 117 in Episode 118, although we called it Minute 116.

How did Fulton even do this?

Hawks tied up Fulton Reed celebrating McGill’s earring:

McGill Earring

This scene appears to be filmed at Theodore Wirth Regional Park.

Here’s the billboard with Bombay standing behind the Duck Head billboard.

Bombay Duck Head Mike said it the building above was called “Burger Bank.” It was obviously Band Box. That’s embarrassing.

Thanks to @hodgee_ for the #QuackQuestion.

Over 450,000 condoms were ordered for the Olympic Village in Rio.

The announcer does say the U.S. is favored in swimming, basketball, and hockey at the Junior Goodwill Games.

We talked about what Portman and Julie did in the locker room after getting kicked out of the first Iceland game in Episode 11.

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