Ep. 16: What kind of families do these kids come from?

November 5, 2014 2:52 am Published by 3 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin peel back the curtain on the original Mighty Ducks team and take a look at the families behind the Ducks. From Karp’s loving family to Banks’ brother David, they uncover a lot that explains the real reasons behind the kids’ actions.

Show notes:

Jesse telling Gordon that this is a drug-free zone:

Where Casey Conway works:


If you’re unfamiliar with the backstory between Hans and Charlie’s father, listen to Episode 11.

For more on the Adam Banks/Phil Banks relationship head over to Episode 12.

Definitive proof that Tammy Duncan is in the classroom with Tommy:



Talk about Goldberg’s deli as a front for Hans’ empire is also in Episode 11.

The point where Karp looks to Peter Mark for guidance. Notice Peter’s clothes are way too big for him:


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  • Angela says:

    I agree with most of it, but I don’t think Fulton was a foster kid. That idea seems utterly ridiculous especially since I know how the foster care system works. Fulton didnt seem like he had anger issues at all. He just seemed shy and lonely. That’s why when Bombay gave his speech about Ducks sticking together, Fulton was the first to say he would be a duck because he had no friends. He didnt seem like he was on the streets by himself because he was homeless or had no parents. He just had no friends. All the rumors about him seemed to focus on him playing football. Nothing about him killing his parents, them being dead etc If he was a foster kid I feel like that would have been the case. I feel like he probably lives with his dad or something. But he has never come off as an angry person. He seems like a tough guy whose super sweet on the inside.

  • Rhea says:

    Too much to think about so I’ll just stick to the last one. =P

    If Fulton was living with a foster parent, wouldn’t he be in a more supervised environment? I imagine it more likely that he lives with an overworked single parent who has no time to look after him, giving him all that free time on the streets on his own.

  • Rhea says:

    Oh. Came back because I thought of something… Was just wondering if there was anything to what Peter said about Guy’s mother. During the magazine scene, Peter pointed to a picture and teased Guy saying, ‘hey look Guy, it’s your mom’. So just wondering if there was any truth to that. Not saying that was really Guy’s mom in the magazine, but I wonder if Guy’s mom is someone who would possibly pose for a picture in… what was it, a men’s magazine?
    Further wondering if his mom is present, and if his dad is present at all. I think I’d agree he probably lives with his grandparents.

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