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Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss the third Bash Brother, Mr. Kenny Wu. They discuss his upbringing as an elite figure skater, Don Tibbles’ pitch to move him to hockey, his coming doom after fighting a goalie and much more.


Show notes:


Kenny Wu introduced, where Don Tibbles explains how he convinced him to play hockey:

D2 Stats

The Ducks beat Italy 11-0.

The Grab Bag episode where we talked about the shootout lineup was Episode 13. Tommy does bring up Wu in the episode and says he would either put Wu or Connie at No. 4. Kevin puts Kenny Wu at No. 3. Mike leaves him out of his shootout lineup.

Kenny Wu was not listed on in the double results.

There is no information on Wu’s ancestry. But there is some indication that the name “Wu” has a Chinese connection.

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  • Rhea says:

    First off, the intervals between D1,2,&3 are confusing. Not sure how old they’re supposed to be in D1, but is it correct to say peewee hockey is supposed to be for ages 11-12? Then D2 is supposed to be a year later because Hawks say, ‘I still can’t believe they beat us last year’. Then for D3, they are Freshmen, Charlie is 14, but he also says to Coach Orion, ‘you’re the rookie here, we’ve been together for four years’. So basically, I have no idea what’s going on timewise. =P

    Btw, found it amusing that in the beginning you mentioned Kenny is Chinese, but the rest of the podcast, you refer to him as Korean. =P

    And while there isn’t much interaction between him and the rest of the team, I think they look to him proudly when he shows initiative to stand up to people, and they are quite fond of him and will certainly defend him, or at least get back at those who bully him (horse turd brownies).

  • Sam says:

    Wu (Woo in Cantonese) is a pretty common Chinese surname–in the top 10-15 surnames among the ethnically Chinese. (In Korean, the same character is transliterated “Oh,” so if Kenny were Korean, he’d be Kenny Oh, and if Vietnamese, Kenny Ngo – if I remember right.)

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