Ep. 20: What happened to the Mighty Ducks between D1 and D2?

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Using clues from the films, Mike, Tommy and Kevin determine just how long the time period was between the Mighty Ducks movies, and what events in that gray area paved the way for some to join Junior Goodwill Games team while others disappeared.

Show Notes:

It’s time to get the crew back together!

Charlie in D1 telling Bombay how he runs off his mom’s boyfriends.

Basil McRae:



According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, a minor under 14 cannot be employed except as a newspaper carrier, in agriculture (with parental consent), an actor, a model or a youth athletic program referee. So this:


Is illegal, unless of course, Averman lied about his age (as we suspected) and got away with it.

Tommy wonders if the movie theater Averman works in is a mom-and-pop shop. Averman works at General Cinema, a (now-defunct) corporation that had 621 theatres in its prime, so the answer is no.



“Our son the goalie”




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