Ep. 21: Don Tibbles, a success story

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin approach D2 from Don Tibbles’ perspective. In tracking Tibbles from his first meeting with Gordon Bombay to his approving head nod at the end of the film/documentary, they discover what can only be classified as a success story.

Show notes:

Don Tibbles!

Our introduction to him:

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Mike Babcock was in college at McGill University in 1994, so he would’ve been too young for to coach Team USA. One other point that Mike failed to mention: Mike Babcock is Canadian. That’s not the best thing when you’re trying to market a coach of Team USA.

Averman and Goldberg. Very marketable:

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Our discussion on Kenny Wu was Episode 17. 

Wheaties is a branch of General Mills.

This is what Wheaties look like:


Don Tibbles rushing to Gordon’s aid after Stansson slashes Bombay.



Tibbles quacking after the jersey change:

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Don Tibbles approves:

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