Ep. 22: Goldberg vs. Julie the Cat

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It’s the great debate of our time: Julie the Cat or Goldberg? OK, maybe it isn’t. Julie was better. Still, Mike, Tommy and Kevin track the relationship and rivalry of Julie and Goldberg from the first time they meet in D2 through the end of D3 and beyond.

Show notes:

Julie the Cat dominating right away:

It was either 5-0, or 5-1 when Julie the Cat came in the game and did her stunt. The announcer says after an Iceland goal that the score is 4-1, but in the next scene the cameras show the scoreboard and it reads 4-0.


Goldberg hell bent on making his teammate worse:


We talked about Fulton Reed as the Mighty Ducks’ true leader in Episode 8. 

The discussion about Julie the Cat as one of our greatest Olympians is in Episode 7. 

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