Ep. 27: The evolution of the Mighty Ducks’ uniforms

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin break down the Mighty Ducks’ look from the time they were a rag tag group of D-5ers to Team USA to the Eden Hall Mighty Ducks. They also weigh on the Hawks, Iceland and Trinidad and Tobago’s looks as well.


Show notes:

The terrible state of the D-5 kids. Notice Charlie as the only one without the D-5 on his chest and Karp’s football helmet:


We established Karp’s loving family in Episode 16. 

Tommy establishes Karp as the worst player on the Mighty Ducks in Episode 6. 

Guy’s helmet:



Bombay spent $7,242 on the Mighty Ducks’ equipment:

Capture9 (1)

The original D-5 Mighty Ducks jersey:


The D2 USA jersey with Hendrix down the sleeve:


We talked about Don Tibbles in Episode 21.

The Mighty Ducks’ jersey after the switch in D2;


We talk about Eden Hall and their uniforms a bit in Episode 3.

The red Mighty Ducks logo after the Ducks beat the varsity in D3. No red eyes:


The Mighty Ducks cartoon:

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