Ep. 3: Is Eden Hall Academy a good environment?

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It’s Episode 3 which means it’s time to talk D3. Mike, Tommy and Kevin talk all about Eden Hall Academy. Is it truly a culture of excess? What’s the reason the fans turned on their varsity team in the JV/Varsity Showdown? Is Dean Buckley slimy, meek or both?

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There’s not much that needs explaining.

Changing the tradition of a school after half a season:


Dean Buckley:


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  • Rhea says:

    Had to rewatch D3 to be able to comment properly. =P

    Some of the issues are:
    – Is Eden Hall a good place? (Because everything seems bad.)
    – Is the Dean ‘slimy’?
    – How come the crowd (the rest of the school) seems to turn against their own varsity team and support the Ducks?

    Well, basically, the crowd are fans of D1&2. Lol! xD
    No, seriously, they are probably happy about having these Junior Goodwill Games champions in their school. This would explain why there was a large turnout (which is apparently noteworthy) at the first JV game.

    Also, there really seems to be something more going on underneath the surface at Eden Hall, considering the fact that right from the start, the dean was talking to the school about shrinking sphincters… I mean, ‘inevitable change’.

    One of you mentioned that perhaps we didn’t see Eden Hall fully in the movie, that maybe what we saw was just a small part of Eden Hall as seen through the eyes of the Ducks, and particularly through Charlie’s eyes, who was very vocal and biased against the school from the start. (I agree.) This is probably why ‘everyone’ from the school seems to be bad or something like that.

    But in reality, it seems to me that most at the school want something to change. What it is, I’m not entirely sure. Could it be the extreme excluvisity at the school? Is it specifically something about the current hockey team (varsity) and the way they are being handled? Linda’s campaign about changing the Warriors name is probably just a small part of it all. We just didn’t see the extent of it on screen.

    Now, you described Eden Hall as ‘a hockey school’, and it certainly seems to be one of their major selling points. So I expect performance in hockey is going to be a major factor in some of the decisions of the board. This could be why, even though majority of the school probably wants some change, the board couldn’t act on it so far because the current varsity (and how they are being run) has given them championships for the past 10 years.

    At the beginning of the movie, the dean said something about there having been ‘much debate on both sides’, at the end of which they decided to open their doors to the Ducks. So I imagine that the board was probably 50-50 on accepting the Ducks in the first place, with the dean heavily rooting for them, and Riley (who was president of the Alumni – not sure if that automatically makes him Board Member but he definitely seems to have a lot of influence, and entitled a vote) heavily against them.

    And probably, the vote was swayed toward accepting the Ducks because (a) at the time, the Ducks were just coming from a win at the Junior Goodwill Games, and (b) your point about acquiring this team for themselves thus preventing other rival schools from acquiring them. Also, especially in favor of those who want change, bringing in the Ducks provides an opportunity to effect some change that they were not able to do before because of the resistance. Not to mention, Bombay probably sold them really well (I’m pretty sure he was the one who brokered this whole scholarship deal with Eden Hall, his old school).

    However, when the Ducks came in and they started not performing as well as… er, advertised… those iffy Board Members were more easily influenced by Riley who wanted the Ducks out.

    I wouldn’t really call the dean ‘slimy’ or anything like that. I think he was really for the Ducks but can’t really put his foot down and have things done his way. He would need a majority vote from the board.

    The Ducks winning in the end would probably make things a little easier for the board and those who want change. And Eden Hall would probably prove to be a good place after all.

    Btw, I don’t think unfurling that new banner means the school teams are now suddenly called Ducks instead of Warriors. It’s a temporary banner that can be easily taken down. The warrior emblem that’s attached to the wall is still there. But it does give Linda (and her group) a possible alternative to Warriors in their campaign, and something to rally behind.

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