Ep. 30: The Hawks

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In part one of our two part series on the Hawks, Mike, Tommy and Kevin talked about Jack Reilly. In the conclusion they talk about everything: what the parent’s thoughts are about Reilly, why the team turned on Banks, why Larson quit hockey and more.

Show notes:

As we mention at the beginning, our last episode and this episode are really part 1 and part 2 of our Hawks discussion.

We discussed Adam Banks and his family life in Episode 12. 

Banks’ cheap shot on Charlie in the first game the Hawks and Ducks (then D-5) play:


Adam Banks is warming up for a game when Bombay serves Reilly the papers.



As for the whole scoreboard situation during the first game, it’s actually 5-0 Hawks with eight minutes left in the first period, not four as Mike says:



When is Gordon  yelling at the kids during the second intermission the score then reads 11-0.



The next scene after the one above is Charlie whiffing (and getting a cheap shot from Banks). That happens with the score 15-0 with a little less than three minutes left in the third period. then shows the Hawks scoring their ninth goal of the first period. After that we cut to Jack Reilly’s “It’s not worth winning if you can’t win big!” speech.

The scene after that jumps back in time to the Hawks scoring their ninth goal of the period. Notice the scoreboard.


We then jump back to the third period, but before Charlie’s shot. The Hawks’ 15th goal comes with about six and a half minutes left. Again, notice the scoreboard.



This is the last goal we see. The only other score update we get is the final one: 17-0 with all zeroes on the clock.



Fulton dumping McGill over the boards.


Brown has a goal and an assist against the Ducks.

Morgan takes the shot that Goldberg saves and is then out of position as Conway breaks out of the zone.




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  • the GzA says:

    Sorry this comment is almost 2 years old…but I’m backtracking. And I apologize if someone else brought it up. But, the Hawks’ goaltender (Wise) is using a mask with a “cat-eye” style cage. This style is not approved for players under 18 by the HECC or even the Canadian CSA which are organizations that certify equipment. Goldberg’s cages have the closer-knit bars that are certfied. More insight to the Hawks using an over-18 player….part of Hans’ plans perhaps?

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