Ep. 31: The many mysteries of Dave/Lester Averman

February 25, 2015 2:23 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Mike, Tommy and Kevin profile Lester/Dave Averman. They attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery of his first name, the mystery of his relationship with the team, the mystery of his life as a student at Eden Hall and more.

Show notes:

Gordon meeting the team and calling Averman, “Dave”:

Averman’s “Hey batter” routine, turned into “Hum goalie”, with some bonus Scandinavian-like subtitles:

Here’s the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry rules on minors under the age of 14 working. So Averman was working illegally, unless he was getting paid in candy like we said:


Coach Orion’s┬ácontentious start with Averman:


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