Ep. 32: What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the Hawks?

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It’s time to enter a new world. Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down what would’ve happend had Charlie missed his penalty shot and the Mighty Ducks lost in overtime. Does Gordon Bombay return? Are the Ducks back for another season? What happens to the Hawks?


Show notes:

The jumping off point: Charlie’s penalty shot. Pay special attention to Bombay’s speech and the team clamoring for Guy to take the shot:

We discussed Bombay never relinquishing his win-at-all-costs attitude in Episode 1.

Tibbles’ influence on the Team USA’s Junior Goodwill Games roster was discussed in Episode 21.

Larson obviously knows taking out Banks was wrong. You can see it here:

But does he squeal if the Hawks win?

McGill would probably be in the Minnesota Correctional Facility — St. Cloud. 

McGill does only get two minutes for cross-checking.

The fist bump from Reilly probably caused suspicions among the league, though:


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