Ep. 34: What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the varsity?

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In the conclusion of their revisionist history trilogy, Mike, Tommy and Kevin wonder what would have happen had the Ducks not won the Varsity/Junior Varsity Showdown. Among the topic discussed: What happens to the Warriors nickname and which Ducks leave school.

Show notes:

The first two episode of the trilogy:

What if the Mighty Ducks lost to the Ducks?

What if the Mighty Ducks/Team USA lost to Iceland?

The part where Coach Orion tells Charlie that if they hold them they have a tie:

If you want to relieve Charlie looking to Gordon and Gordon looking to Charlie and then looking up as the Eden Hall Ducks banner falls, it’s right here. 

The full story about the University of North Texas becoming nicknamed the Mean Green after Mean Joe Greene.

A note on the scholarships: At the beginning of the movie, Eden Hall’s Dean Buckley says he is awarding the Ducks on full athletic scholarships.

We assumed the JV/Varsity showdown was a mid-season event in Episode 3.


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