Ep. 35: Russ Tyler, the greatest story in organized sport

April 1, 2015 2:51 am Published by 4 Comments

Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss Russ Tyler’s rapid rise from kid in South Central to International celebrity, then  break down Russ’s journey to Europe and his lucrative business running a knuckle puck academy.

Show notes


Wayne Gretzky was traded in 1988. The Junior Goodwill Games took place in 1994, so it’s conceivable that Russ Tyler picked up the game due to Gretzky’s presence in Los Angeles.

The White Men Can’t Jump characters Kevin was referring to were in fact Duck and King. 

Russ sends team USA to the finals with his goal against Russia. The USA TODAY cover proclaiming Russ a hometown hero:

Russ Tyler


The Tom Emanski commercial featuring Fred McGriff:

Most of the street hockey scene. Notice how Russ and James’ boys throw checks and score goals, proving Kevin’s theory that they didn’t do anything in the entire scene wrong:

The IMDB page for Finding Forrester if you’re like Mike and haven’t seen it.

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  • Rue says:

    Hang on, did one of you reference Kevin Pangos, the amazing Gonzaga point guard, who is easily my favorite person to come out of that college (though followed by Sabonis and Wiltjer)? Because if you did, you’re amazing! (I’m going to laugh if you meant a different Pangos)

  • Brian says:

    James works for Hans. He works for his west coast market. That’s how the team gets Russ. Tibbles at first didn’t want Russ. But Hans wanted Russ.

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