Ep. 36: How good of a coach is Gordon Bombay?

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Gordon Bombay’s teams start slow. Sometimes his players hate him. He runs a lot of gimmicks. Yet he wins. In this episode Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss whether Bombay is a coaching genius or just extremely lucky, because it’s one or the other.

Show notes:

We talked about the time frame from movie to movie when we examined what happened to the Ducks between D1 and D2 in Episode 20. 

Bombay’s football drill. Notice that Mike was wrong. Goldberg was getting some warmup shots in in the background:



Charlie not giving in to Bombay’s first gimmick: cheating.

Bombay does ask the Ducks who should take the penalty shot. His exact words: “Alright Ducks, who’s going to take it?”

The episode where we talked about Bombay putting Julie in for Goldberg for the final penalty shot was Episode 33: What if the Mighty Ducks/Team USA lost to Iceland?

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