Ep. 38: Who is the best coach in the Mighty Ducks trilogy? (Part 2)

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Show notes:

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We argued about Bombay’s intentions in Episode 1.

The scene Tommy was talking about where the team rushes to Bombay’s aid:

Gunnar turning on Stansson at the end:

Likability rankings: 

1. Orion (5 points)

2. Bombay (4 points)

3. Wilson (3 points)

4. Stansson (2 points)

5. Reilly (1 point)

For the record it’s Adam Banks who slaps it between the goalie’s legs on Charlie’s play.

We talked about Stansson’s rift with his Iceland team beginning with the Russia game in Episode 2. 

Tactics rankings: 

1. Wilson (5 points)

2. Bombay (4 points)

3. Stansson (3 points)

4. Reilly (2 points)

5. Orion (1 point.

Final rankings: 

1. Wilson (17 points)

2. Bombay (16 points)

3. Stansson (15 points)

4. Orion (14 points)

5. Reilly (13 points)

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  • Jay says:

    Tbh as much as I see how Bombay is flawed, I would probably rank him #1 because I feel like what he did with District 5 was so underrated! They were beyond horrible. They couldn’t even skate for 5 seconds without falling over. They had no skills and no talent at all. No organization. That is something that none of the other coaches had to deal with. Also, A lot of those players became very good players in such a short amount of time. Even though Bombay slacked off on D2 for a while, he put a huge amount of effort into making the ducks a good team in D1. Even in D2, he obviously trained them well because he thought they hadn’t been training in the off season. He got them back on track in a short amount of time. After their 1 loss, he trained them again and they won the gold. I mean, obviously he had to screw up at some point or it wouldn’t be much of a story. I think his good moments outweigh his moments of failure. I also think coach wilson has had some loopholes. Surely, those kids come out of jv ready for varsity team. He’s not really responsible for that. I’m speaking as someone who had a brother who played on a varsity team. The coaching is apparently more lazier since they team was already tought so much in JV. Its like high school and college. It’s not like college teachers actually work harder. They just teach more advanced material.

  • Nicholas Macarages says:

    I am shocked you guys ranked Coach Orion so low regarding tactics. The Ducks were 1 dimensional in that they had a hunger to score goals. Orion, from the very beginning, told the Ducks he was going to teach them 2 way hockey. The 9-9 tie was not his fault. This came about by the Ducks being stubborn and stuck in their ways. In the end, even with a surprise move of Goldberg to defense, Orion led the Ducks to a shutout against the best varsity team in the known world !!

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