Ep. 39: A deep dive into Charlie’s penalty shot

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin dive deep into the pivotal moment of the first Mighty Ducks: Charlie’s penalty shot. Did Bombay’s speech to Charlie do more bad than good? Was Guy just as nervous as Charlie? Answers to those questions and more.

Show Notes:

Episode 1 if you haven’t listened to it by now.

The pivotal scenes:

Mike was actually referencing Rule 406, not 416. Here is the full rule for your perusal. 

Karp holding Charlie’s helmet












USA Hockey Rule 610.

USA Hockey rule 304 deals with helmets and safety equipments

Bombay’s face of regret?












Here’s what happened to give Charlie the breakaway. The Hawks’ Stevens passes to his defense partner Morgan, who takes the puck, skates back to the other side of the ice and takes a shot. Goldberg makes the save. Peter Mark picks up the rebound and gives it to Connie. Since Morgan skated across the ice, the Hawks have two defensemen on the same side. Charlie sees this and skates to open ice. The closest player to him is Larson, who is a forward. Larson is trying to recover for Morgan’s mistake. Morgan shouldn’t have skated across the ice with the shot. When he did, Stevens should’ve given up the blue line and bailed back to prevent the exact breakaway Charlie got.

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