Ep. 40: The infamous JV/Varsity dinner

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Mike, Tommy and Kevin take another deep dive, this time into the JV/Varsity dinner. How much did Banks know & when? Did Guy have a chance to stop the whole thing before it happened but was too dumb to realize it? The Ducks’ retaliation is also discussed.

Show notes:

If you don’t remember, this is Cole:


The Ducks in D3, not including Banks who was on Varsity and Portman who didn’t show up until the second period of the JV/Varsity showdown:

Lester/Dave Averman

Charlie Conway

Julie “The Cat” Gaffney

Guy Germaine

Greg Goldberg

Luis Mendoza

Connie Moreau

Fulton Reed

Dwayne Robertson

Russ Tyler

Ken Wu

Here’s a look at the dinner. Can you spot more than 20 people?


This is Banks’ look when he’s called up to leave.


This is the guy’s look who hands Charlie the Check:


According to the Tax Policy Center, the minimum wage in Minnesota in 1996 was $4.25.

The Minnesota High School Equestrian Association lists 34 schools with teams, not including Eden Hall.

Water polo numbers are harder to come by, but there appears there are four water polo clubs in the entire state of Minnesota. 

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  • Rhea says:

    When the local Ducks entered the school on the first day (before they crashed through the curtain), they passed by two horses with riders (they nearly crashed through them as well – the horses and riders had to make way for the rollerbladers). So definitely, Dwayne just ‘borrowed’ one of the school horses. =P

  • Mercedes says:

    Definitely accepting as a headcannon now that Adam was the one trying to subtly tip of Guy about the prank, and Guy was just too much of a moron to get out and couldn’t think of anything else but the cake. Will be thinking about that every time I see that scene now.

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