Ep. 45: Who was the best child actor in the Mighty Ducks?

June 17, 2015 2:46 am Published by 12 Comments

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin debate who would’ve done the best job as a child actor had these documentaries been made into feature-length films. They also take on the greatest #QuackQuestion to date: Were any players on the Mighty ¬†Ducks secretly gay?

Show notes:

The full list of actors and their characters can be found at the IMDb pages for each film:




Kenan Thompson started his career with D2 in 1994, then got All That the same year. His next two movies were Heavyweights and D3. Kenan didn’t get Kenan and Kel until 1996.

“I woke up, and the pain was gone.”

We talked about Banks’ inner demons in Episode 12.

This is what Aaron Schwartz, the kid who played Karp, looks like now:


Via @AaronSchwartz11

All the child actors in the Mighty Ducks appear to be alive, based on cursory Google searches.

Michael Cudlitz, who played Cole, the blonde-haird bully on Varsity, is Sgt. Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead.

Thanks to @wolffchele for the #QuackQuestion.

Connie and Guy making out at the end of D1:


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  • No question this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

  • Que says:

    Fulton Reed is secretive about everything. He’s incredibly loyal and shows no attraction to any of the girls.

    He might be gay…

    • Mike says:

      All solid points Que….now you’ve got us thinking

    • Angela says:

      Being loyal means you’re gay? And just because they don’t show a character trying to go out a girl doesn’t mean they automatically don’t like girls. (He talked to those 2 girls in D2 anyway) Also, Fulton isn’t secretive. He’s shy. There’s a difference. I hate when people think being shy and quiet means you’re a gay guy. That’s just ridiculous

  • Anonymous (But not really) says:

    I can totally see:
    Adam/Jesse, though I prefer Adam with Charlie
    Larson/McGill/Banks (pair any of the three up, it’ll work)

  • Leia says:

    I second the Dean/Fulton. You guys need to do a podcast on that. I’m kidding

  • Liz says:

    I agree with the final verdict. I don’t think any of the Ducks are secretly gay.

  • Angela says:

    Idk I never got the feeling that Fulton was ever gay lol I just don’t see it, but if anyone on the ducks was I would say maybe Adam? Idk I don’t think any of them were gay

  • Jay says:

    I never got the feeling that Fulton was gay. I knew he was shy and quiet, but so am I and a lot of guys who aren’t gay lol I thought he and Tammy would be a thing after he dumped McGill over for knocking Tammy down. I just had a feeling he liked her. I also feel like if anyone was gay between Fulton and Dean, it would actually be dean. Dean is the one who is always touchy (but the touching seems so bromantic so even then I think it’s stretching to call that attraction). Dean saw those 2 girls and told Fulton to talk to them, Fulton talked to them and looked like he liked them. They just acted like 2 dudes hanging out bonding over music choices and hockey. Matter of fact, I have a hard time seeing any of the ducks gay. I mean, I think people ship gay ships and mistake that for obvious canon attraction on the movie.

  • Mercedes says:

    In response to Tommy’s remark about Adam’s character going downhill after D1, I have to say I disagree. Yes, in D3 he doesn’t have many spoken lines, but he is one of the few Ducks that has a story arch in every film, unlike many who are just there in the background. Something happens/he has an obstacle to overcome in every movie, which is more than Averman or Ken have going on. He is also the only Duck other than Charlie to have a bonding/heartwarming moment with Bombay, which took place in D2 when they talk about their dads.

    • Mike says:

      Good points Mercedes. Yeah he’s definitely a top character, especially in the first two. He does disappear for much of D3 but I see your point. At least there was a reason behind it.

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