Ep. 46: Peter Mark might be more mature than you give him credit for

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From participating in the dog poop prank to his giveaway in the state finals, Mark plays a understated but critical role with the Mighty Ducks. Mike, Tommy, and Kevin explore all this and then figure out what happened when the Ducks moved on without him.

Show Notes

The speech that Peter Mark confused:


Karp looking to Peter Mark during Bombay’s speech that forms the Ducks:

Also, notice Peter automatically flipping his stance on the Ducks as soon as a couple other people decide to be Mighty Ducks.

Does Peter Mark have a Napoleon complex?

We talked about Tommy’s strong stance that Dave Karp is the worst player on the Mighty Ducks in Episode 6. 

Peter blowing it in the finals against the Hawks:


If you’re unfamiliar familiar with Hans’ empire, listen to Episode 11.

Kevin compares Peter Mark and Dave Karp to the two dudes in My Name is Earl. He means Peter Mark is this guy (Earl):


And that Karp is this guy (Randy):

Shoutout to Rachel Sullivan for the #QuackQuestion. Go to rachelsullivanphotography.com.

We spoke about Orion’s job being solely about developing players in Episode 37 and Episode 38.

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