Ep. 48: Would the Mighty Ducks be good at any other sports?

July 15, 2015 12:30 am Published by 3 Comments

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin discuss whether Fulton Reed made a mistake in forgoing football and whether any other Mighty Ducks would be good at other sports. They also take a #QuackQuestion on the Ducks’ former District 5 coach. Who was he?

Show notes

“Is it true what they say, about the scholarships and how they won’t let you play hockey?”

We talked about pro potential in Episode 7. The conversation on Fulton starts at 20:59.

This is The Program for those who didn’t know.

Dwayne Robertson’s roping abilities:

We talked about Kenny Wu in Episode 17.

Thanks to @joyceeng61 for the #QuackQuestion.

Guy’s hair in D1:


This is where Peter describes what happened to their former coach:

Seriously, listen to our theory on Hans in Episode 11.

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  • Nicholas Macarages says:

    Luis Mendoza – baseball (Sandlot crossover)

    Russ Tyler, Goldberg, and Karp – competitive eating (heavyweights crossover)

  • Why am I still listening? says:

    “If you do enough drugs, you can do anything.” Best quote on the podcast so far.

    I know that this is the Mighty Ducks podcast, but I was looking for a little more of nod to Jesse and Luis Mendoza’s baseball performances in The Sandlot in this episode. Luis as Benny “The Jet” goes on to play professional baseball for the Dodgers, where his speed seems to be the key to a lot of his success. Jesse, as Kenny in the Sandlot, pitches his way up to Triple-A baseball. I’ve heard you guys talk about the Heavyweights before, but given the two crossover roles for these characters in an equally, if not a more iconic early 90’s documentary (even though The Sandlot is more of a period piece), I would’ve liked to hear you touch on it. I was starting to get the impression, that you guys had never watched The Sandlot (which I might start a podcast for). But I think Jesse did play baseball over the summer after D1, even if he went back in time to the 1960’s to do it.

    P.S. I really enjoy the pod.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for the kind words. We get deep into the Sandlot a little later, but you’re probably right, we should talk about the crossover more.

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