Ep. 51: Newbie Charlie Scudder loses his Flying V card

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Mike, Tommy, and Kevin welcome in Charlie Scudder a.k.a Chucky Scuds, a man who has never had never seen the Mighty Ducks before. Scuds discusses why he had never seen the film and his thoughts after watching before he hears some Quack Attack theories.

Show notes

Shoutout to Angels in the Outfield.

Angels in the Endzone was a TV movie. It has an audience score of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and no professional reviews.

Jack Reilly popping his collar:


This is the 30 for 30 Scudder was talking about.

We talked about young Ludacris playing Averman in Episode 50.

Episode 1 is the discussion on Gordon Bombay’s real morals.

As for Bombay’s coaching, Episode 36  is titled, How good of a coach is Gordon Bombay?

Hans’ Sports Shop:

Han's Sport Shop

The Hans theory is laid out in Episode 11.

The movie Tommy was talking about where a guy’s head is destroyed in a vice was indeed. Casino. This is the scene. It’s probably NSFW.

This is the scene Kevin was talking about in The Town with the florist clipping the flowers:

The Mighty Ducks’s production budget was $10 million. 

Thanks to @katshan23 for the #QuackQuestion

This is the scene Mike was speaking off where Bombay says he’s from Minneapolis and Banks says he’s from Edina.

Banks’ listed address is 450 North Hennepin Ave. This is where Google says that is.

Mike got Charlie’s Twitter wrong. It’s @cscudder.

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